'I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become' 



EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a healing and personal development modality developed by Gary Craig. It uses physical 'tapping' on acupressure points to release emotion and rebalance the energetic meridian system of the body. No needles and pain free. EFT has virtually limitless applications and can be used to aid in anything from physical healing, pain relief  and addiction,  to removing limiting beliefs and reducing stress. 

EFT is highly versatile and can be applied to virtually any issue. 

Matrix Reimprinting was developed by Karl Dawson out of EFT. By working in the 'Matrix' we are able to painlessly work through trauma and stressful memories. It is effective for finding key themes that run through ones life and to locate and remove the limiting and engrained beliefs that are no longer serving us.

All EFT and Matrix Reimprinting is carried out by a level 2 accredited EFT practitioner and certified Matrix reimprinting practitioner under Karl Dawson.

Many studies today reveal that one of the leading causes of illness and disease (or dis-ease as Louise Hay would say) is stress. Further studies such as the research by the likes of Dr. Robert Scaer reveal that it is the reaction to perceived stress known as the 'Freeze response' that traps the effects of stress and trauma. Many animals in the wild have a capacity to 'shake off' the effects of this response, as humans however we have lost that capacity. EFT is a method which helps to diffuse the effects of this response aswell as its subsequent negative afflictions. 

If you need help with any of the following then EFT is for you-


Increased recovery 

Removing limiting beliefs

Stress management 

Goal achievement 



Chronic Pain 




Weight loss



and much more...