'When in possession of a valid theory - no matter what the field of endeavour - and you're making the proper practical application, progress should literally be almost spectacular all the time' - Mike Mentzer


Personal training is provided either one to one, in groups of up to 5 individuals or via online programmes and phone consultations. All training is carried out by a level 4 Lower Back Specialist REPS  accredited instructor. Training and advice is available for all levels of ability, from novice to pro athlete. Our primary focus is on efficient, effective training with emphasis on correct form, strength gain, fat loss and repair and improvement of injuries and conditions. Building a body that will stay strong and healthy for life.

Rehab, healing and injury treatment is available, incorporating corrective stretching, tailored training programmes, pilates, corrective posturing, trigger point and foam rolling.

GP referrals: This qualification allows us to work with people with a range of chronic diseases like, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, blood pressure issues, bone and joint problems or amputees.

Training Programmes: These can cover everything from strength work, to muscle gain, to show prep, to weight loss and general fitness improvement.  They are individualised and tailored to your needs and experience levels.

Nutritional Advice: For any nutritional help you need with weight gain, weight loss and supplementation.

Pilates:  Was invented by Joseph Pilates in 1880, Germany. It is a method of exercise to improve strength, flexibility and to link the body and mind. Pilates does this by focusing on balance, precision of movement and breathing.  All movements are done in time with your breath and using core strength.  This helps build perfect posture.  Pilates is carried out in a relaxed environment with a level 3 instructor, using the original 34 exercises and their adaptations and the 9 principles of Pilates ; Concentration, Breath, Centring, Precision, Flowing Movement, Control, Awareness, Stamina and Relaxation.